The 3 Best natural body butters for dry skin 2022 Has To Offer

Sure, we all have our fair share of skincare superheroes. However, there is something undeniably gratifying about applying heavenly-scented and ultra-creamy organic body butters. Just like our trusted facial moisturizer and glow-giving serums, finding the best natural body butters 2022 has to offer is no simple task — but we are always up for a challenge.

Honestly, there are only a handful of rituals that rival the soothing effects of a good bubble bath, especially when you have a slew of skin-loving bath and body products at your disposal. Luckily for us, skincare enthusiasts, Lovede Skincare‘s new launch is here to give us yet another excuse to splurge on natural body butters with no harsh chemicals for an all-natural glow.

Best organic body butters for dry skin

These formulas are chock full with only good-for-you ingredients that serve many replenishing, soothing, antioxidant benefits. Think Shea butter, Cocoa butter and coconut oil just to name a few.

Coconut oil is hailed as an all-natural way to repair and hydrate dry skin. Shea Butter is your best ally in the fight to heal scar tissue and prevent long-term blemishes. Cocoa butter will help you strengthen the skin’s natural barrier. As for Jojoba Oil, it promotes a healthy pH balance which assists in the prevention of bacterial growth, reduces wrinkles, all while soothing irritated skin.

Lovede Skincare’s organic body butters come in three different variations lovingly created in San Francisco, CA in small batches.

The Mango Tango Body Butter – Reduce dark spots, and achieve an even complexion thanks to the skin-nourishing vitamins (Mangifera Indica Fruit Extract).

The Coco Crazy Coconut Body Butter – charge your skin with much-needed omega fatty acids and a variety of nutrients (Coco Nucifera (Coconut) fruit Extract).

Flirty Floral Coco Rose Body Butter – take advantage of the vitamins and antioxidants to regain a calm, healed complexion, and a youthful glow (Rosa Damascena (Rose) Extract).

As you probably already know, I completely gave up on big corporations and swapped all my beauty and skincare products almost 2 years ago. I do believe that there is nothing better than receiving well-packed goodies from small businesses that thrive on choosing the best ethically sourced ingredients.

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