Sustainable & Vegan Bath Products To Add To Your Lineup ASAP

During the last few years, we’ve seen a slew of skincare ads raving about the benefits of using sustainable and vegan bath products as a part of our self-care rituals. For pampering stans like myself, all-natural bath scrubs, luxurious bath salts, and all types of eco-friendly formulas that promise to turn my bathroom into a mood-soothing oasis reign supreme. You see, lathering up with an array of skin-loving, pure moisturizing oils can be surprisingly calming for your body and mind.

And if practicing self-care makes you feel guilty, remember that when you take time to care for yourself, it allows you to treat others from the same energy flow. Yes, that’s yet another excuse to stock up on some stellar vegan bath products that are equal parts environmentally conscious and otherworldly nourishing. Enter: Luxurious Bombs.

A family owned, sustainable & vegan bath products brand with handmade formulas

Granted, there is something absolutely refreshing and heartwarming about family-owned businesses launching their own brands, learning how to navigate their way around the world of business, coming up with heavenly-scented sustainable formulas while handling eCommerce and so much more – let’s show our recognition!

For this veteran-owned and operated Texas family-run small business, being environmentally conscious by understanding the impact our choices are having on our health, the producers, and the environment is what drove them to start their own brand. “Over the years we did our bit by recycling, but truly our journey started when we noticed our overflowing bins even though we were recycling. We thought this cannot be right. If we are doing this what is everyone else doing? ” they mentioned and frankly, it’s true.

That became even more evident after the birth of their kids. For years, they have been on a mission to stay away from certain products and cleaning materials but like a lot of parents, they wanted their children to grow up healthy and strong. “Buying local, fair-trade, and eco-friendly products over other similar items” they added. And that’s exactly why Luxurious Bombs is a breath of fresh air amidst the chemical-filled chaos we are currently living in.

All-natural skincare ingredients & biodegradable packaging

As you probably already know, I completely gave up on big corporations and swapped all my beauty and skincare products almost 2 years ago. I do believe that there is nothing better than receiving well-packed goodies from small, family-owned businesses. Especially if these formulas are hand-crafted with plant-derived oils, bath bombs, body butters, toners, scrubs their sales to a veterans charity of their choice.

Take into consideration that standard bath and body products contribute even more to the huge amounts of plastic waste. When comparing the bottles of our go-to formulas to Luxurious Bomb’s minimal s biodegradable and environmentally friendly packaging (yes, even the glitter), the right choice is pretty obvious.

This brand’s virtual shelves are filled to the brim with nutrient-rich oils like Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Avocado Oil, Sweet almond oil, and raw shea butter to cleanse and hydrate all skin types.

Now that the holiday season is just around the corner, Luxurious Bomb’s sustainable and vegan bath products will serve as the ultimate gift for her & for couples who want to turn their home into a spa-level luxurious experience while also being mindful towards the environment.

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