Sur Yeo’s Sustainable Collection Is A Work Of Art

With whimsical East Asian culture-inspired organic textiles presented through curated sustainable, locally-made collections that are nothing close to ordinary, Sur Yeo‘s newest line is a celebration of diversity and inclusivity wrapped in eco-friendly business practices.

With gorgeously crafted, and utterly flattering fabrics soaked in enchanted details and unique artwork inspired by tradi-tional eastern wear, Charlotte M F is on a mission to familiarize us with the East Asian culture and tradition while also supporting the local community in Indonesia from her London-based studio. Each one of Sur Yeo’s prints comes with its own, mesmerizing story, hand-drawn by their talented designer.

The shirt jacket was inspired mainly by the silhouette and the collar area of the kimono which was Japanese women’s traditional garment. The prints adorned throughout the piece was hand-designed by the founder herself which her art style was heavily influenced by her favorite artists Hokusai and Hiroshige. Across the entire collection, we are able to spot many kimono-inspired styles that offer a modern twist to the beloved traditional silhouette.

The beautiful ‘Jeogori’ crop was influenced by Korea’s national garment for women which is called the HanBok. The Jeogori shirt is essentially the jacket part of the Hanbok which is where this garment was inspired from, the brand explains.

Charlotte puts much emphasis on the eco-friendly aspect of her brand. Every style is sourced and produced with small businesses in her home country, Indonesia and all the materials used are sustainable. As they mention, “All of our garments are made with organic fabrics with 0% polyester in them and are equipped with BreatheEazy technology.” From the first stitch to the packaging, everything comes from small to medium-sized local brands, of which the majority are predominantly new studios and workshops.

If you needed yet another reason to opt for Sur Yeo’s Sustainable Collection, rest assured that they adhere to Oeko-Tex standards; one of the world’s best-known labels for textiles tested for harmful substances. In a world of constantly rotating trends and unethical business practices, Sur Yeo’s sustainability pledge and raw creativity is definitely a breath of fresh air.

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