Eyelash Beauty Vending Machine Business Costs & Ideas

You’ve probably heard of the profitable Eyelash Beauty Vending Machine business quite a few times in the past. Over the past few years, the topic of beauty vending machine ideas has reached new heights – not that we are complaining. Seeing young, ambitious women navigating the challenging world of entrepreneurship, finding vendors, scoring the best locations, and coming up with novel ideas in the process is absolutely inspiring. Along with the rise of the familiar beauty vending business, makeup aficionados are now on a mission to step out of the e-retail territory and into the real world with vending machines that sell false eyelashes.

Eyelash Beauty Vending Machine Profit For Businesses

You see, the eyelash vending machine cost is not as high as you might have thought. Not if you count the profit profits at least. For Colleen O’Grady, the 27-year-old Irish woman, selling more than 1,000 pairs of winks Lashes from her Eyelash Beauty Vending in almost two weeks was perhaps one of her most successful business moves. Granted, choosing the best beauty vending machine locations is obviously a contributing factor. O’Grady opted for a stellar spot at The Marshes Shopping Centre in Dundalk and voila! A huge return on investment in a relatively short period of time.

Ashleigh Stevenson started her own vending machines selling false eyelashes and has currently secured two spots in two shopping centers. But how did she come up with her own list of beauty vending machine ideas? At first, Alsheigh thought of business as a quick lash fix at Christmas. It didn’t take long for her to become ” said she had been overwhelmed with the machines’ popularity” explained to Triangle News during her interview about her eyelash vending machine business.

According to the pros at Ikrave Vending, used and new Beauty Vending Machine Business vendors, on average, a beauty supply machine can generate $2,000 each month with a capital of under $3000; the maintenance time per month is more or less 5 hours.

Beauty vending machine ideas for eyelashes

So, what makes an eyelash Beauty Vending Machine successful? The answer lays on, well, marketing. These machines are customizable, meaning that colors, fonts, logos, and the overall image of your vending machines that sell eyelashes can be tailored according to your ideal customers’ preferences.

Colleen O’Grady’s pink and gold beauty vending machine quickly caught the attention of most females. And judging by the slew of tweets, stories, and posts about Ashleigh Stevenson’s cute and pretty machine, customers are excited.

Clinique’s beauty vending business on the other hand has a much more minimal and subtle approach. After all, they belong in the house of Estee Lauder; clean, simple packaging is kind of their thing – and clearly, it works!

So, why an Eyelash vending machine business’s color is important?

It’s all about the aesthetics, pees. Costumers are naturally more interested in aesthetically pleasing hues, shapes, and colors combinations. Even in the Beauty Vending Machine business, pastels are perceived as tones that evoke openness and relaxation. Think of them as calming, inviting hues that represent neutrality, peach, and softness; they most often have a positive psychological impact on customers.

Remember, pink isn’t the only pastel color you can opt for your Eyelash Beauty Vending Machine. Mauve and baby blue, mint green, peach, periwinkle, and lavender are also stellar options.

This article was a part of our “How To Start A Beauty Vending Machine Business” series; a column where we discuss everything there is to know about the industry. This time, it was all about the Eyelash Beauty Vending Machine Business, but stay tuned for more updates, interviews, and suggestions.

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