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Get a glimpse of the never-seen-before Diane Freis dress collection from her personal archives.

Amidst the hundreds of fashion designers of the last 40 years, Diane Freis signature dresses have conquered the world of haute couture with their eccentric, vibrantly patterned styles. Staying true to her admiration for flowy silhouettes, Dianne Freis original dresses were a print-mixing galore, so perfectly rendered, that it’s hard to not fall in love with them over and over again decades later. Now, in 2021, vintage fashion connoisseurs are looking through thousands of pages to the most noteworthy Diane Freis dresses for sale.

A woman as beloved for her groundbreaking print designs and overflowing creativity as for her aspiration to succeed and lead the way for others to inspire the world through the art of fashion, Diane’s success sorry based on determination and hard work quickly turned her into a role model for many. Some know her as one of the few Hong-Kong based designers who have managed to gain worldwide recognition, while others praise her as a true marketing genius.

Employing a perfect balance of asymmetric all over-prints and hand-panted flaming neon fabrics ornamented with show-stopping shimmers, Diane Freis showcased formidable resort wear, as well as sophisticated and elegant dresses for every occasion. The figure-hugging silhouettes have been loved by women of all shapes and sizes.

Diane Freis dress for sale

Diane Freis dresses for sale

After a gloomy year for the fashion industry in general, it only makes sense for us to turn to Frei’s mood-enhancing, and otherworldly uplifting dress designs for inspiration. By embracing our edgy, whimsy side, most of us are looking for a whole new fashion approach inspired by visions of the better days that are about to come. That’s exactly why the revival of Diane Freis dresses comes as a huge dose of rampant optimism.

 “We have exclusive access to Diane’s personal archives, and sell her never-worn-before dresses in vintage-new condition.” mentions the owner of Freis Spirit.

Freis Spirit, the online vintage boutique is solely focused on the revival of the iconic Diane Freis brand that was a global phenomenon in the 80’s and 90’s. Their limited edition collection houses dozens of dresses worn by figures such as Princess Diana, Nicole Richie, Kate Moss, and Bo Derek in the past! Each one of their Diane Freis dresses for sale is handmade, hand-beaded, and immaculately designed with every free-spirited soul in mind.

Diane Freis original dresses for sale
BLUE TIGER STRIPE RUFFLE DRESS available on Freis Spirit

Soaked in a myriad of unexpected colors with intricate patterns, this collection reaks of raw creativity. Only 10 of each of these bohemian, vibrant and bright designs have been created. So, you can rest assured knowing that each garment is truly a sustainable and limited edition piece.

Refreshing yet refined,  Freis Spirit’s limited edition Diane Freis dress collections are a fantastic opportunity for every vintage enthusiast to add yet another emblematic piece to their 80s inspired wardrobe arsenal. Fun, colorful, and lively, each of these dresses are the epitome of sartorial greatness.

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